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Ultrasonic Tooth Stain Eraser

Ultrasonic Tooth Stain Eraser

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Now you don't need to go to dentist  by using our Ultrasonic Tooth Stain Eraser. Our Ultrasonic Tooth Stain Remover uses gentle ultrasonic vibrations to break down plaque and tartar and leaving your mouth feeling like you've just left the dentist.

It uses High-speed sonic vibration which sends 3000 vibrations per minute to effectively remove stains, plaque, and tartar. Ultrasonic Stain Tooth Remover will give you a whiter, brighter and healthier teeth.



Comfortable hold: It reaches all your teeth easily and the power of the vibration is perfect. 

Easy to Use: Just put it in place and turn on. 

Painless and effective: After use, your teeth will be noticeably whiter, and free of plaque.

You'll feel like you just left the dentist! it'll feel like you just got a deeper clean!



 Step 1: Attach the top part to the body of the ultrasonic tooth stain remover

 Step 2: Twist the cap on the bottom off and put in your AAA battery

 Step 3: Twist the cap back on and you're ready to GO!




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